Series 1: Strong Foundations

Show Don't Tell Series, The Foul

Why ‘Show Don’t Tell’ is a Load of Sh*t and Will Only Take You So Far. Part 1

Show vs. Tell doesn't exist. (At least not in the way you've been told)

The Foul

Not All Writing Tips Are Created Equal

Who recognizes this? Or who at least remembers most of the items on this list from grade school English class? While most of the items on this list may seem sensical to you. They are not be as helpful for writing your fiction as you think they are. I think something writers sometimes forget, is… Continue reading Not All Writing Tips Are Created Equal

The Foul

A Series of Mistakes

Today I want to discuss series, and some of the more common mistakes I see. They come in many forms, but usually as basic structure and plotting errors.

Strong Foundations

Lesson 5: Conceptualizing. Generating Fresh Ideas

The key to idea generation is to simply be doing it all the time. Consciously and unconsciously searching out inspiration wherever it can be found. Set aside time every week to go out and find things that interest you and might become something worth writing about.

What Type of Fantasy Are You Writing?

High/Epic Fantasy

What is high fantasy? What are the conventions of high fantasy? And, most importantly, how do you get published in high fantasy?

The Fair

Joe Abercrombie’s The Heroes

Here's what we can learn from Abercrombie: Pacing, Narrative, and Cadence. Not only does the author have a firm technical grasp of all these elements, but he works them like magic into The Heroes. He uses all of these to add to the whole of his novel (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts) and creates something that can make reader's blood pump like no other book can.

Strong Foundations

Lesson 4: Beating Writer’s Block and Improving Creativity with Better Brainstorming

Brainstorming can be the greatest weapon in your writing arsenal. It makes writer's block a non-issue and can be a 100 lb weight for your creativity muscle.

Strong Foundations

Lesson 2: Know Your Craft

Are you well prepared for the undertaking of fantasy writing? Are you behind the times or out of the loop? Heed this one tip and automatically set yourself up at the front of the pack!