Show Don't Tell Series, The Foul

Why ‘Show Don’t Tell’ is a Load of Sh*t and Will Only Take You So Far. Part 1

Show vs. Tell doesn't exist. (At least not in the way you've been told)

The Foul

Not All Writing Tips Are Created Equal

Who recognizes this? Or who at least remembers most of the items on this list from grade school English class? While most of the items on this list may seem sensical to you. They are not be as helpful for writing your fiction as you think they are. I think something writers sometimes forget, is… Continue reading Not All Writing Tips Are Created Equal

The Foul

A Series of Mistakes

Today I want to discuss series, and some of the more common mistakes I see. They come in many forms, but usually as basic structure and plotting errors.

The Foul

Letter To Self-Publishers

I have now taken it upon myself to stop the insanity!

The Foul


Repetition and redundancy mistakes in writing and how to avoid them.

The Foul


Today we are going to talk a little about the info-dump. Many to the power of infinity self-publishing authors commit this heinous writing act (and many traditionally published authors as well). Let's go over some of the main kinds of info-dumps that you are going to avoid like good little students. The Historian This one… Continue reading Info-Dumps